1. Preparation is essential for a successful author visit. Activities such as classroom discussions and displays, as well as reading the author's books, will help to ensure a rewarding visit.
  2. The visit should take place in a quiet area, such as a classroom or library, where there will be minimal distractions.
  3. The Union strongly encourages schools to hold readings in barrier-free venues and to consider any additional presenter or audience access needs (e.g., ASL interpretation, large print materials). 
  4. The age and reading level of the students should be appropriate to the author's books.
  5. The number of students at a session varies according to the author's preference and the type of presentation. Please discuss the number of students with the author well in advance of the visit.
  6. The author requires an introduction to each group of students, and the students should be under the supervision of one or more teachers at all times.
  7. The average length of a reading is 45 minutes. The author may make one or two presentations in a half-day visit and three or four presentations in a full-day visit. Please discuss this matter with the author well in advance, and arrange a mutually agreeable format.
  8. Many authors bring copies of their books to sell to students after their presentation. Please discuss this with the author prior to their visit and, when applicable, inform your students that books will be available for purchase.
  9. Please provide a break of at least 15 minutes between presentations, and a one-hour lunch break between morning and afternoon sessions. The school should provide lunch for the author if they are at the school for the full day.
  10. Clear directions to the school and to the site of the reading are extremely helpful. Also, if the author is staying in the area overnight, suggestions as to restaurants and accommodation facilities would be appreciated.
  11. Please be aware that any form of recording, taping, or broadcasting of the reading without prior written approval from the author is strictly prohibited.

The Writers' Union of Canada welcomes your comments regarding this visit and about the program in general. Please direct feedback to Program Manager, Kristina Cuenca, kcuenca@writersuion.ca.