Johanna Bertin

Johanna Bertin is a freelance writer who makes her home in Smithfield, New Brunswick. She is the author of two non-fiction books focusing on unusual events in Canadian history, a narrative history of Sable Island, a children’s biography of Sir Charles Tupper, a story in an anthology of unusual Christmas Stories, and most recently a biography of Don Messer.

Johanna graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master of Social Work. In 2012, she retired from her career as a medical social worker in Fredericton, but continues to be actively involved with hospital and patient group support activities. She plans to do more writing on the partnership of media and social work.

Other interests include her family, biking (both motor and pedal), snowshoeing, kayaking, rug hooking, drumming, and travel. Her goal is to live long enough to accomplish everything she wants.


Don Messer: The Man behind the Music. Fredericton: Goose Lane Editions, 2009

Charles Tupper: a Bully for any Great Cause. Toronto: Jackfruit
Press, 2007

Sable Island: Tales of Tragedy and Survival from the
Graveyard of the Atlantic. Canmore: Altitude Publishing, 2006

Holiday Misadventures: Tragedy, Murder, and Mystery, co-authored with Joyce Glasner, Andrew Hind and Maria da Silva, and Richard Mole. Canmore: Altitude Publishing, 2006

Strange Events and More: Canadian Giants, Witches, Wizards and
Other Tales. Canmore: Altitude Publishing, 2005

Strange Events: Incredible Canadian Monsters, Curses, Ghosts and Other Tales. Canmore: Altitude Publishing, 2004

Articles in the Globe and Mail, Saltscapes Magazine, New Brunswick Reader, Acreage Life, Atlantic Books Today, Star and Times, the York County Connection, and the Daily Gleaner



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Taking on a biography is an assignment carrying huge responsibility: to be respectful of the subject, and of all those you interview; to present the data correctly and with respect; to research diligently, and from reliable sources; to present the subject's story, rather than yours about the subject.  

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