The Writers’ Union of Canada is committed to creating a community that is reflective of the diversity of Canadian writers. TWUC recognizes that various historic and structural inequities, due to discrimination based on age, class, cultural or linguistic background, disability, economic status, gender, gender identity, race, religion, and sexual orientation have created barriers to access and consequently, equity measures are required to promote full participation of our membership in TWUC activities. In doing so, we have the opportunity to create more space for Canadian writers and writing.

Leadership: TWUC will integrate equity principles into its decision-making regarding policies, practices, programs, partnerships and services and will continue to address systemic barriers and historic challenges. Equity and diversity should inform strategic planning discussions, AGM and conference planning and all other TWUC planning and activities.

Inclusiveness: TWUC will foster a welcoming, barrier-free environment, and build and nurture relationships with communities not traditionally involved with TWUC through targeted outreach activities.

Responsiveness: TWUC programs, activities and services will meet and respond to the varied needs of the diversity of Canadian writers.

Diversity: TWUC will strive to ensure that it reflects the diversity of Canadian writers and writing. This includes: National Council, staff, members and volunteers, including task forces, committees, awards juries, events speakers and other representatives. From time to time, TWUC will survey its membership and leadership on equity and diversity issues to evaluate its progress in this regard.