The Writers’ Union of Canada provides valuable programs, services, advocacy, and support to writers. With over 2,700 members, The Writers' Union of Canada (TWUC) is a national organization representing professionally published writers of all genres. The world has changed radically since TWUC was founded in 1973, but what remains the same — and what keeps TWUC vital — is the need for community and a strong collective voice to speak up for writers' interests.
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We understand both the difficulties and the joys of being a writer — from the isolation, frustration, financial concerns, and the need for information and assistance to the elation that comes with each publication.

Benefits of Membership

By joining the Union, you can benefit from the Union's many program and services:

  • Opportunities to meet and network with other professional writers across Canada, including through regional meetings, professional development sessions, social events, and the Annual General Meeting
  • Assistance with publishing contracts and grievances 
  • Access to TWUC webinars
  • Access to the Writers’ How-to Series, including the Directory of Canadian Publishers, the Contracts Self-Help Package, and professional development publications
  • Be paid to mentor, or be mentored by, another writer through the Union’s Mentorship Microgrants
  • Access to paid readings programs, which fund writers for public readings and school presentations
  • Subscription to Write, the Union’s quarterly magazine on the craft and business of writing in Canada
  • Regular updates on the work of the Union through our e-newsletters
  • Eligibility to be a paid evaluator for our Manuscript Evaluation Service
  • Access to exclusive resources provided by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)
  • A member profile page on TWUC’s website where you can promote yourself and your work
  • Access to a group health benefits plan, for an additional fee, which includes a drug plan, hospital coverage, out-of-hospital benefits, vision care, hearing benefits, dental care, and specialists’ services. (To be eligible, members must be under 71 years of age, have a valid Provincial Health Card, and live in Canada at the time coverage becomes effective.)

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Membership in the Union includes a subscription to the Union’s quarterly magazine, which provides news and views from writers' perspectives. It is filled with professional information, developments in the literary community, industry news, timely features, and valuable industry services.
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Support the Union's Advocacy

When you join The Writers’ Union of Canada, your annual dues help us work on behalf of all writers to advocate for fair legislation to support writers and their work, and to ensure that writers receive fair financial compensation.
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Become a Member

Please review the below eligibility criteria and application process carefully before starting your application.

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Eligibility for New Members

To qualify for membership, applicants must earn 6 points from the criteria outlined in our Membership Points System, with at least 3 points earned in Section 1: Publishing Criteria Points. 

Members must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, and/or self-identify as an Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, Métis) person born or resident in Canada.

Notes about eligible books:

  • To submit a single book for consideration (6 points), you must be the sole author of the book. There is separate criteria for co-authored books, which are eligible for 3 points.
  • A "full-length" book must be at least 49 pages, except for poetry and picture books. Books shorter than 49 pages are considered chapbooks, which are eligible for 3 points.
  • The book must be primarily composed of text, unless it is a children's picture book. Textbooks, directories, manuals, books of lists, cookbooks, art books, and photography books are not eligible.
  • Books published by educational publishers for school use (e.g., university textbooks or curriculum workbooks) are not eligible. Books published by academic presses for the trade market are eligible.
  • If the book is more than 8 weeks away from its publication date, it is considered a contract offer, which is eligible for 4 points.
  • A book is considered to be published by a commercial or academic press (i.e., traditionally published) if the author has signed a royalty-paying contract with the publisher, did not pay the publisher any costs towards the book's production, and was not obligated to purchase a certain number of books as part of the author agreement. In all other cases, the book is considered self-published. All self-published books must be reviewed by the TWUC Membership Committee for professionalism and commercial intent.

Notes about self-published books:

For authors submitting a self-published book for consideration, a full digital copy of the book is required for review by the TWUC Membership Committee. Please be prepared to provide the following in your application: a complete digital copy of your book in PDF or EPUB format including front and back covers, marketing and sales information, ISBN, and details on any editor, publicist, or design services used.

Not yet eligible? The Union offers lots of information on getting published.

Application Process

Once you have created an account in the TWUC Member Portal, you will be directed to the application form.

Application status: You can track the progress of your application, return to a saved draft, or start a new application at (login required). Please do not start a new form if you already have one in progress.

Application fee: The Union only reviews submissions accompanied by an application fee ($100), which must be paid after submitting the form. If your application is accepted, the fee will be applied to your first year of membership. If your application is not accepted, your fee will be refunded in full.

Timing: Every application must pass before the Union’s Membership Committee for approval. This process usually takes 1-2 weeks, or up to 8 weeks for self-published books that must undergo a peer review process. A delayed response from TWUC does not in any way reflect the quality of your application.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email

Rejoining the Union?

Former members wishing to rejoin do not need to re-apply. You can find instructions on rejoining the Union here.


Did you know that membership dues can be claimed as a tax-deductible business expense?

For new members, the Union offers a special rate of
$100 for 1st year
After the first year, annual dues going forward will be
$205 per year

The Union also offers the following voluntary discounted membership rates:

Annual dues for members over the age of 80:
$155 per year
Annual dues for Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, and Métis) members:
$50 per year

We look forward to receiving your application.