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Licia Canton

Licia Canton's writing has been anthologized internationally. She is the author of The Pink House and Other Stories (2018). Her short story collection Almond Wine and Fertility (2008; second edition 2018) was published in Italy as Vino alla mandorla e fertilità (2015). She is the director of Creative Spaces: Queer and Italian Canadian (2021). Licia Canton is a literary translator (and a self-translator) and the founding editor-in-chief of Accenti Magazine. She mentors emerging writers through the Quebec Writers' Federation (QWF) and the Association of Italian Canadian Writers (AICW). She has been a guest author and keynote speaker at universities and literary venues in Canada and abroad. She has published anthologies of creative writing, including Here & Now Volume 2 (2024) and Here & Now: An Anthology of Queer Italian-Canadian Writing (2021), two volumes on the internment of Italian Canadians during World War II, Writing Cultural Difference (2015), Conspicuous Accents (2014), Writing Our Way Home (2013), Reflections on Culture (2010), Writing Beyond History (2006), Adjacencies: Minority Writing in Canada (2004) and The Dynamics of Cultural Exchange (2002). She has served on the board of the Quebec Writers’ Federation and as president of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers (2010-14;2021-22). She was an Honorary Fellow in Translation at the University of Hull, United Kingdom, and Goggio Research Fellow at the Frank Iacobucci Centre at the University of Toronto, where she is co-director of the Queer Italian-Canadian Artists Project. She holds a Ph.D. from Université de Montréal and an M.A. from McGill University. In June 2019, Licia Canton was Visiting Professor and Writer-in-Residence at the University of Calabria. She is the recipient of the 2018 Premio Italia nel Mondo (Italy in the World Prize) for her work in culture. She lives in Montreal with her husband and their three children. She can be reached at

City: Montreal, Province/Territory: Quebec
fiction, nonfiction, poetry
English, French, Italian
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