Jennifer Layman

Jennifer is a small business marketing author and speaker. Located in Pembroke, Ontario, Jennifer has been working with small businesses for nearly 20 years. In 2023, she published her first book – Forward Thinking for Your Business – after noticing that many small business owners were experiencing similar marketing challenges. The book was written by a small business owner, for other small business owners, regardless of industry or experience, who know they can do more.

She has always been a dedicated writer, having worked as a reporter, magazine publisher, email newsletter publisher, content writer and advertising copywriter. She has a regular blog and will be launching a marketing newsletter in the Fall of 2024.

In addition to her marketing expertise, Jennifer is a golf professional and competed at the top levels in women’s professional golf in Canada. She understands competition and how to build a game plan that recognizes your strengths and top skills - on the course and in business.

Jennifer attended Campbell University in North Carolina. She is passionately fueled by entrepreneurship and believes that business ownership encourages many characteristics that benefit our communities and countries.

City: Pembroke, Province/Territory: Ontario
Forward Thinking for Your Business
Global Book Publishing
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The following topics can be delivered as keynotes and workshops.

Build Your Competitive Advantage
Developing internal strengths makes external challenges irrelevant
Small business and professional golf are both competitive arenas where outside factors can influence results. Managing these circumstances more effectively leads to a higher level of performance, increased consistency and resilience. Build a game plan that ensures you’re always in contention.

Recognize and Deploy Your Assets
How businesses can do more using what they already have
With so many marketing tactics out there, it can be overwhelming to know what to do. Most businesses don't more ideas, they need better ways to use what they have already spent time and money developing. Using the assets you already have, make better decisions and seize greater opportunities.

The Status Quo vs. Your Potential
Evaluating the two sides of risk
The status quo is a powerful place. It’s comfortable, it’s predictable, and it can determine the future of your business. This is a personal account of risking the status quo for something that may never happen, and the unforeseen outcomes from that decision. You’ll never look at your business the same way again.

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