W. Ruth Kozak

I  have been writing historicals since I was a very young girl. When I was 16 I became fascinated with the character of Alexander the Great and in my last year of highschool wrote a novel about him which was later sent to a publisher. The publisher suggested I wait til I was older, revise and resend. But it wasn't til  many years later (2014) that I completed a novel about him. It was accepted for publication by a UK publisher but because of it's length was divided into two  novels SHADOW OF THE LION: Blood on the Moon (pub 2015) and SHADOW OF THE LION; The Fields of Hades (pub. 2017). Availble on Amazon and full version on Kindle plus in the Vancouver Public library.  I currently  have another novel out looking for publication. I've been a travel journalist siince 1984 with  many publications as well as publications in various  magazines for stories and poetry. I also edited and published an on-line travel zine for several years TRAVEL THRU HISTORY. I self published a poetry book in 2000 SONGS FOR ERATO which is available on Amazon and Kindle.

City: New Westminster BC, Province/Territory: British Columbia
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Writing that genre. How I started writing historical fiction.  How I became a travel journalist.

The best tips for writing either of these genres, etc.

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Writing Historical Fiction: what you need to know and how I became a historical fiction writer.  Also Travel Writing, what to expect and how to write the best sellinig pieces.

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How I became a historical fiction writer. What you need to know  (how to begin etc)

***Note: Each time I visit Greece for the past few years (up to 2019) I have read from my novels and discussed them to a group of grade 9 children at the Athens Community School)

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