Are you interested in applying to the Ontario Writers-in-the-Schools program? Please review frequently asked questions. Click on a question to skip down to the answer:


I am an author living outside of Ontario, am I eligible to apply?
This program is funded by the Ontario Arts Council and the Government of Ontario and provides funding for author appearances in Ontario’s schools. If you are visiting an Ontario school, you are eligible to apply.


How do I apply? Or does the school apply? Where do I find the application form?
Applicants must be members of The Writers' Union of Canada. Authors apply directly for funding. The application form is available on the Ontario Writers-in-the-Schools program page. Applications for Fall/Winter readings (September 1 – March 31) typically open in June and applications for Spring/Summer readings (April 1 – August 31) typically open in January. Schools are not eligible to apply. Teachers who wish to host an author presentation must contact the author and request they apply for funding through this program.


When will I find out if my application has been successful?
Application results are provided to the author within 4 weeks of the application deadline. The Union will notify applicants by email.


Why didn’t I get approved? How do you choose the successful applicants?
Applications for all programs continue to significantly exceed available funding. Funding is allocated based on the Union's program priorities, distributing readings to as many members as possible, and by lottery. As part of the Union's Equity Implementation Plan, a portion of funding will be allocated to applications for readings by members who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, racialized, LGBTQI2S, or living with a disability.


Does the program cover travel?
Travel reimbursement is available for readings taking place more than 100km from the author’s home to a maximum of $100. TWUC’s travel contribution is capped in order to maximize the number of readings available for members. Copies of travel expense receipts (with the exception of mileage for which no receipt is required) will need to be uploaded when completing the Final Reading Report (TWUC Member Portal login required). If you are planning a visit to a northern or remote school in person and you are seeking additional travel reimbursement, please contact Program Manager, Kristina Cuenca, to discuss.


Does the program cover meals? Accommodations?
No, we do not reimburse expenses for meals or accommodations.


How do I find a school/teacher to visit?
Please consult the Union’s Networking with Teachers Tip Sheet for suggestions on connecting with teachers and schools.


Should I apply or contact the school first?
In order to apply, you must have an arrangement with the school confirmed. You do not need an exact date but the reading must take place within 30 days of the proposed date on your application.


Is my reading confirmed once I apply?
No, an application submitted is not a guarantee for funding. TWUC will notify all applicants regarding their application. When making arrangements with the school, please advise them that the reading is tentative until confirmed by the Union.


Can I change the school after I submit my application?
No, the school is non-transferable.


When will I get paid? How will I get paid?
Fees are paid directly to the author following the successful completion of the presentation and receipt of the author’s Final Report. Payments are currently made by cheque. It can take up to 4 weeks for a cheque to arrive in the mail from the time we receive your report.


How many readings can I apply for?
Each member is eligible for up to four visits per fiscal year (April 1 – March 31).  Do not submit more applications than you are eligible for.


How long should my visit and presentation be at the school?
A school visit is considered 1-2 hours of professional time for an author, presentation time included.


How many schools can I visit?
You can visit up to four different schools per fiscal year. Applications usually exceed available funding and it may not be possible to fund all applications.


Where can I find the Final Report? 
To complete the Final Report, log into the TWUC Member Portal. Final Reports for Funding Programs are available here: All members have an existing account. If you don’t know your login information, use the Forgot Password tool. Please do not create a new account.

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