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Event: Nov 27, 2023

“It’s a very sad thing to walk in the sand and see the tide erase your footprints like you’ve never been there at all.” Patricia (Paddy) wrote these words long before she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Her husband Frank O’Keeffe documents their lives and shared adventures over their 60-year marriage in his newly released memoir, Paddy & Me. Using a combination of his memories and Paddy’s diaries and letters, Frank ensures that her life and accomplishments will not be erased. 

Paddy & Me is available on Amazon, as are Frank’s previous novels for adults: Woodbine (historical fiction); The Grand Getaway (humorous adventure); and Outside Enniskerry and Beyont (short story collection). Two of his nine Y/A novels are also on Amazon: Harry Flammable and Mad About Marvin

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Paddy & Me will be donated to Baycrest, a global leader in brain health and dementia research.

Book launch by Frank O'Keeffe