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The Secret Keeper

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Event: Apr 1, 2024 | 23:00 PM (EDT)

Genevieve Graham, USA Today and Globe & Mail instant bestselling author of historical fiction around Canadian history is thrilled to announce the launch of her 8th novel based on our country's past. THE SECRET KEEPER tells the story of two Ontario sisters who join the war effort - one as a codebreaker and the other as a pilot - and the secrets that threaten to tear them apart.

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"Reading a Genevieve Graham novel is like reading a love letter to Canada. In The Secret Keeper, impressive research, tender family dynamics, and an absorbing plot intertwine to pay homage to the quiet heroes of the Second World War."
-Ellen Keith, bestselling author of The Dutch Orphan
“My favorite historical fiction author has done it again, bringing to light the untold story of women in wartime whose oath of silence protected the fate of the free world.”
-Elinor Florence, bestselling author of Bird’s Eye View

"Genevieve Graham unveils the strength of Canada’s women in their efforts during WWII with her incredible research. Dash and Dot are intrepid heroines you’ll want to root for and The Secret Keeper is a story you won’t want to put down." 
-Madeline Martin, bestselling author of The Keeper of Hidden Books


Half shaded woman with closed eyes is wearing yellow and looking serious. In the background is a WW2 airplane in a spotlight over London. The title THE SECRET KEEPER is printed across the middle of the cover.