Two Virtual Hi-Lo Events

Paul Coccia
POSTED: Jan 26, 2023

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Join the virtual Say Hello to Hi-Lo events on February 16, 2023, at 8 PM ET and April 13, 2023, at 8 PM ET with Orca Book Publishers' Winter/Spring Authors. Each approximately 30-minute event held… More

At the Vancouver Jewish Book Festival

Gina Roitman | POSTED: Jan 25, 2023

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Looking forward with bated breath to appearing at the JCC Jewish Book Festival in Vancouver from February 11-16.  On February 12th, I will interview Israeli author, Yashai Sadir, about his new… More

A new short story in The Antigonish Review

Steven Benstead | POSTED: Jan 23, 2023

New Publication

Check out, if you dare, my short story "Red on One Side, Blue on the Other" in the latest edition of The Antigonish Review (Volume 52, Number 211). More

Accenti Festival of the Arts in Italy - June 28 to July 1, 2023

Licia Canton | POSTED: Jan 23, 2023

Calls For Submission

TWUC members are invited to submit proposals (creative or academic) to present. Deadline for proposals: January 29th. See the details here:  You need not… More

A DIAMOND DREAM: Final Book of the Jubilee Cycle (dystopian sci-fi trilogy)

Eli K.P. William
POSTED: Jan 22, 2023

New Publication

In a near future Tokyo, every action—from blinking to sexual intercourse—is intellectual property owned by corporations that charge licensing fees... Amon Kenzaki works as a Liquidator. His job is… More

New Science Fiction! Gravity Doesn't Lie, a Joe Drive space noir

Tony Berryman | POSTED: Jan 21, 2023

New Publication

Joe is retired from the Interstellar Space Force, done with fighting rebels, living a quiet life on the back side of the Moon. He just wants to be left alone. But when the most beautiful woman in the… More

Summit Views - A reading by Graeme Pole

| POSTED: Jan 20, 2023

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Kispiox River Lodge invites you to join author and photographer Graeme Pole for Summit Views,an illustrated reading of mountain essaysand a sneak peek of his new novel. Saturday, January 21, 7:30… More

Graeme Pole releases new edition of Gravity, Steam, and Steel

| POSTED: Jan 20, 2023

New Publication

Mountain Vision Publishing is pleased to announce the January 2023 release of the revised and enlarged, second edition of Gravity, Steam, and Steel - An Illustrated History of Rogers… More

Coming May 1st 2023

Jane Callen
POSTED: Jan 19, 2023

New Publication

Genre-defying. Callen draws us deep into the vivid art world, conjuring the life and legacy of a young Italian painter and his muse, an older lover with a poisoned past. A literary mystery spanning… More

The Taste of Hunger is a 2022 Quill and Quire Book of the Year.

Barbara Joan Scott | POSTED: Jan 17, 2023

New Publication

Barbara Joan Scott’s The Taste of Hunger was published in September 2022 by Freehand Books. A literary mystery that charts the fallout from the marriage in 1926, against her will, of a… More